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Sea People


Dear Sir, Madame, my name is Enrique Camps, I have a large experience on premium international fashion brands distribution.

The Sea People first collection born on 2017 presented on an exclusive store in Barcelona.

Since then a large number of customers have pass and not just tell us how much adore the product but get really excited by discovering beautiful differentiated independent products.

We wont to extend our product and concept philosophy (The Sea People Universe) through a limited number of special doors on exclusivity and under a strong partnership model which includes.

    • Exclusive Couture collections, purely handmade manufactured in Spain.
    • High sales performance per Square meter sales and operational margin above standard.
    • Collections made with genuine to the region original construction techniques.
    • “Tailor made” exclusive collections specific to each store.
    • Highly aesthetic- attractive product.
    • Partnership special terms and conditions.
    • Involvement on product selection, operational management and product training.

Sea People Business does not sell online.

We look at stores.

  • Located on areas suitable to the product.
  • With large professional experience on fashion and well stablished.
  • Driven to customer service and having settle a serious clientele platform base on regular customers and or traffic.
  • Partnership mind set.
  • Oriented to high end consumer.

If you might be interested into learn more about us and our project, we will be happy to assist you.

We kindly ask you to fill our file and we will come back to you in within the shortest delays. We will plan an online meeting through Zoom or Goggle Meet.