Sea People Partnership commercial proposal

Dear Sir, Mdm.

We are looking for exceptional stores whose owners/managers are willing to expand their portfolio of products and increase the growth potential of their store.

At Sea People – a premium Mediterranean footwear producer – we know the challenges the sector faces in a time characterized by an online market flooded with sales.

Despite this, our client increasingly value the excellence of handcrafted rare to find products as well as the quality of time well spent at the physical store, a store which, besides providing unique fashion pieces offers an excellent and personalized buying experience.

We also know that economic sustainability is essential to continue delivering such a quality onsite experience, this is why we are reaching out to offer you the possibility of a one of a kind partnership.

Besides providing our premium handcrafted Mediterranean style shoes (whose success among connoisseurs has been tested in our own store), we are offering you a partnership modality based on 30 years of experience in high-end retail which ensures a positive impact on your sales and profit, while minimizing therisk of investment.

Are you interested in knowing how this partnership could add value to your store?

If so, please contact us at and we’ll come back to you to schedule a call to explore possibilities for collaboration.

Thanks in advance for your attention. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you,

Enrique Camps, CEO